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Overview: The basic guide on how to play poker cards. Learn the tricks and show them in your next sitting!

Poker is an indoor leisure game that has gained immense popularity because of its ability to facilitate monetary gains (or losses!).  With different styles emerging and the growing market in online games, it is widely played throughout the world.

There are different types of games played but the most popular today is the Texas Hold ‘em Poker. We will subsequently be talking about the variants of the card game in the coming articles and explain the differences in playing styles and rules and regulations.

The game is started by a dealer who provides 2 face down cards (hole cards) to each player and 5 cards face down on the table. There are 4 rounds of betting. The cards on the table are subsequently opened one by one as the player places bets on them. Out of the 7 cards in total, the player that has the best hand possible with the 5 cards, wins the game.

How to Play Poker for Beginners?

As a beginner, the first thing you need to educate yourself with are the hands or the ranking of the game. There are majorly 10 hands in a poker game. We will now be explaining each of them in details in order of importance:

  1.       Royal Flush

The highest hand of poker, this set consists of an ace, king, queen, jack and a ten of the same suit. It is very difficult to beat this hand as it occurs rarely.

  1.       Straight Flush

The straight flush consists of the cards of the same suit appearing in a row in consecutive values. Cards like ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 together will form a flush. When more than one player obtains the straight flush, the hand with the higher value is declared the winner.

  1.       Four of a Kind

Out of the 7 cards, if a player makes a hand of 4 cards of the same value, he is declared the winner. In case more than one player achieves four of a kind set, the player with the highest Kicker (the 5th card) wins the game.

  1.       Full House

Out of the 7 cards, if a player obtains 2 sets where 3 cards are of the same rank and the other 2 of another rank, then the hand is considered a Full House win. For example, I have a jack of spades and a 7 of hearts. On the table, I see two more jacks and one more 7 of different ranks, then, I will have a full house win. Like other cases, the player with the higher pair wins the hand. 

  1.       Flush

If a player gets 5 cards of the same suit, no matter the order of the cards, then it is considered a flush. The player with the highest rank of cards wins the game in case there are several flushes on the table.

  1.       Straight

Similar to the flush, when a player gets 5 cards of different suits, but in an order, it is a straight win. Once again, to determine a winner in case of more than one straight, the player with the highest hand wins the round.

  1.       Three of a kind

A lower win but similar in nature to the four of a kind hand, the three of a hand is when the player gets 3 consecutive cards of the same value. In case of a tie, the winner is decided by the additional kicker card.

  1.       Two Pair

When a player gets 2 sets of pairs, each pair having the same value, then it is a win. In case of more than one win, the deciding factor becomes the additional kicker card. The higher it is, the better.

  1.       Pair

When a player manages to only make one pair of the same value, it a Pair win. Again, the kicker card is needed to decide the winner in case of similarities.

  1.   High card

When all of the above are not seen in the hand, the player with the highest kicker card in the hand wins the game. If that surpasses as well, the second highest hand is looked for.

Well, with these starting points, we are sure you can start your hand at a friendly gathering. If you’re looking to play online, check out guides on how to play poker online. The rules look daunting but you will soon catch up with them!


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